November phone moments: captioned.

^^helping mom in the kitchen. Or something like that.^^

^^"POW!" (that was my heart exploding)^^
^^mesmerized by the Christmas blow-up toys^^
^^sushi date!! One nursing baby and one handsome husband, included^^

^^"uh, mom? That guy just lit an onion tower ON FIRE. Not cool, dawg."^^

^^Is there anything hotter than a husband holding a baby? I mean. rawr.^^

^^"I yike da park, momma. I yike play."^^
^^this kid is freaking cute.^^
^^so is this one.^^
^^I mean, because who wouldn't want to sport a cat face on a random Tuesday?^^

^^trains and capes. That's what Bost is all about these days.^^
^^November in Kentucky: You're my crush.^^

^^SERIOUSLY? And they expect me to not explode from the cuteness?^^

So now? Now am I caught up?

Please tell me the answer is yes.

mmmkay bye.

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