The Arboretum in the Fall.

Four score and seven years ago...

just kidding. But seriously, these photos were taken like a month ago. I apologize for the delay.

 But like I said: THE HOLIDAYS. You guys. They get all up in my bidness and mess up my system. But I guess they're fun and jolly and include lots of chocolate, so I'll let 'em slide.

And now! The Arboretum.

We ventured to the Arboretum with our friends, the Lee's, and it was such a perfect day. The leaves were a crunchy blanket for Boston and Sophie to stomp on, the weather was warm...it was the best. Just delicious.

 It's kind of awesome when you can just let your kids run wild and not have to yell "Ah! Don't touch that!" "Wait! That's fragile!" "Stop! Put your brother down!" type of thing. You know?

We had some great wildlife encounters on the walking trail. Namely, a giant fuzzy caterpillar that scared Boston half to death. I couldn't figure out why he was suddenly frozen in his tracks, screaming at the top of his lungs. But lo and behold, there was a tiny bug.

Have I mentioned how scared the boy is of bugs? We're talking EXTREME bug phobia, people. Like, nightmares about fruit flies, kind of a thing. So yeah, this caterpillar really did a number on Boston. You could say that.

Luckily he had Sophia there to impress, so he had to be cool about the caterpillar. Like, "Don't worry Soph! I'll protect you from this beast!" But in all seriousness, those two are stinking cute. Have I mention they are betrothed?

And let's just take a second to take in these Boston photos. Because really, what would a post be without a Boston cheeser face? I mean really.


Then Soph and Boston discovered an awesome pumpkin stash, and they were in heaven. They were riding them like horses, playing them like drums, throwing them like baseballs, you know. The usual. I love the imagination of a toddler, like, all the time. I feel like Boston's thoughts are so off the wall-- it's kind of hilarious!

Especially when he says things like "Momma! You smell good. Smell like chicken!" (which he told me today.)

Uh, okay? Thanks for the compliment, dude? I don't know where he comes from.

Just before we left, we headed over to the hollow logs to let the kids play a little bit longer. I said "Boston, want to go play on the logs?" and he got all excited and said "YA! I like Mulong!" (that's what he calls Mulan. You know, like the Asian princess warrior. He's obsessed.)

It was all fun and games...until Boston whacked Sophie in the head with a stick. Which resulted in crying parties all around, and a nap time cue for the moms.

^^Boston and other random children.^^

Fun friends, fun day!

Now, onto December?

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