Here's a story called: I took these pictures a month ago and now I found them and they're the cutest things of my life. Don't you love when that happens? (thank you iPhone dump session!)

Oh and once again, don't be alarmed by the stunning quality of the iPhone pics. I know, the crispness just blows you away, doesn't it? (actually, they're not half-bad! Way to go, you old iPhone, you.)

I just love these boys. Like so so much. I'm also kind of sad I buzzed off their hair so that I can't do matching faux hawks anymore. But whateva.

^^THIS FACE. THIS KID. I die every time!^^
^^My heart just exploded.^^

Freaking cute. I kind of want to look at these pictures every day.

*sentimental sigh*

I love my boys. Have I mentioned that once or twice?
Just checking.

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