Our weekend.

This weekend was a good one. Not like an amusement park-giant chocolate cake- 100 degree swimming weather- gumball- good, but more like a quiet- singing to yourself- tickling babies on the floor- bowls of M&M ice cream at night- good. And that sounds confusing. But really, it's not. At least to my brain. Which let's be honest-- isn't always the most reliable source.

But and so.


We hit up the most darling local book shop. I kind of wanted to steal all of the decorations in the place. I mean turquoise cable-knit floor pillows? cardboard animal-head wall mounts? AND a bright blue, distressed kitchen table??? I was like, you're killing me. It was a constant battle of why is all of this goodness in a random book shop and not in my home, type of thing.

But the great news is that it's like five minutes from our house. And Boston loved playing in the kid area. AND it's parked right next to a French pastesserie (CHOCOLATE CROISSANTS). So yeah. I have a hunch we'll be visiting this place a lot.

^^I got these new leggings, and now I want to wear them every day. So I probably will.^^
^^cutest moment of my life, right here.^^

^^Do you see this table?? I know. Now you un-duh-staaand why I want to steal it.^^

We woke up Saturday and ate about twenty chocolate chip and banana pancakes. Then we were suddenly compelled to throw away everything in our house. This happens about once every six months or so. I like to call it: THE PURGE. Which makes it sound more intense than it actually is. I like to live on the edge like that.

And while we de-junked, our children ran slash crawled around naked. Because why not?


We had the best Sunday. We were invited to speak at a small branch about an hour and a half away in a place called Liberty. They only have a handful of people in their branch, so they like to ask people from the Lexington wards to come out every so often and speak. And at first I was really nervous, because there were like thirty people in sacrament meeting... in a room where my children (slash the only children in the room) and their loud antics would be on prominent display.

But the second we walked in that building, the people were so warm and welcoming, and my nerves were completely put at ease. I started tearing up as we sang the hymns, because there was such an amazing spirit in the room.

I am so grateful we were able to visit this branch. It was so touching. And also, Boston only dumped out and stomped on his crayons three times during the meeting, so you know. Not too bad.

And now, a series called: Boston got stuck in his tie, and it was hilarious so I took pictures like a proper mean mom should. But in my defense, he did yell "MOM! I stuck! Take picture?" so he kind of brought it on himself. 

Ha! Told you it was funny.

And that wraps up our weekend! It was fun.
By the way, I love my family.

The end.

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