Old Kentucky Chocolates: A field trip!

A group of us decided to start a little preschool for our kids that are well, not quite preschool age. We thought Hey! These kids need something to do! So we met, got the ball rolling, and started it all up. There are about ten kids in our little group, and most of them are two years old. Yeah, it's insanity. We take turns hosting and helping with preschool every week, and the kids seriously LOVE it!

Boston grows about five inches when I tell him that it's preschool day. He gets so excited to go hang out with his friends for a couple of hours (and so do I!).

"Ta-day pee-school, momma?? I need my pack-pack!"  (He takes his Elmo backpack very seriously.)

So then every month, we do a little "preschool field trip" of sorts. Sometimes we try and theme it based on the holidays, or we keep an eye out for fun, kid-friendly (free!) things that are happening in Lexington. Or sometimes, we say "What will have delicious treats?" and then great things happen.

So in that spirit, last month we took our bee-bops to The Old Kentucky Chocolate Factory. And yeah, it was the best idea we've ever had. The second I walked in, a sea of chocolatey candy goodness filled my nostrils, and I think I pretty much died right there. Unfortunately, Boston smelled the same thing. And he turned into a crazy, ravaging animal. Chucking chocolate bars, trying to unwrap every candy he saw, and etc. It was chaos.

But when we started the "behind the scenes" tour, he was captivated.

^^My one-sock-wonder. He's cute.^^

Have you ever found yourself wondering, "Hmmm. What does a 75 pound chocolate bunny look like?" Well, boom. Mystery solved. (Hey husband, this bunny would be fine in my Easter basket.)

We got to see the coconut macaroons go through a chocolate waterfall, and it was about enough to kill me right there. If there weren't ten small children watching, I might have grabbed a few chocolates out of the line-up and stuffed them in my bag.

Ok not really.

But actually, maybe.

Ok I would definitely do it.

At the end of the tour, they gave all of the kids a gummy worm. And apparently Boston has never experienced a gummy worm before? Because he was so confused.

"Momma, dis candy? Momma, dis not worm? Dis candy?"

And then, this:

I was dying. Probably the greatest candy experience of his life. And mine.

Then we went back into the store to pick out some candies for daddy, and also, to sample every sample-able item possible. I'm dead serious. They had a full spread of goodies set up for tasting, and I didn't hold back. Now I'm remembering all the chocolate I ate, and I'm rather embarassed.

Actually, no. I think that's just me wishing I could eat some more of it.
Okay, you're right. I may have a problem.

^^Are these kids not the cutest things you have ever seen. I know.^^

And then lastly, I forced Boston to pose by a giant fake horse. Because duh.

Best field trip ever.

I think this month we're heading to a bakery to see how cupcakes are made.
I'll probably have to sample those, too. You know, just to have the full educational experience.

Yeah, we've got this field trip thing dowwwwwn.

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