The G-fam comes to town.

One day in the middle of January, my mom called me and said, rather dramatically,

"I can't take it anymore. It's been too long. We are coming to see the babies NEXT WEEK!!" and usually she says things like this and I go, "I know, mom. It's hard. We're far away! We miss you too. Boo" and other such mournings, but nothing usually comes of it. But this time! This time it did!

And my parents and sister Whitney came to see us in Kentucky! It was so much fun. We watched about a hundred movies together, ate lots of food, went swimming, etc. etc. It was the best!

I thought Boston was literally going to have a heart attack when they first walked in the door. Because really, his relationship with our extended family exists solely on Skype and FaceTime. So then suddenly, there they were, REAL PEOPLE, in his house.... and he couldn't get the words out fast enough.

"GOMMA! GOMPA! WHINNTEE! I got baketball and hoop and pay-dough. And wanna see my Cap-in Merica? Look at my shield! I got shoes! Here's my dad. Look at Camden! I eat bananas! Here my big boy bed! GOMMA! GOMPA! WHINNTEE!".... and put that on repeat about five thousand times over the course of four days. He was in heaven with them here, and it was adorable. He's adorable. You're adorable. (okay, I'll stop)

And now! A picture overload! Because duh.

^^melt my heart.^^
We made a stop at Graeter's Ice cream, which is probably a great decision at any moment of your life. It was snowing outside, but we knew we had to get some anyways. We were like, "That ain't gone stop us foo!" It is the best ice cream ever. Their flavors kill me every time... cherry chocolate chip, chocolate coconut, black cherry chip, salted caramel, raspberry sorbet... YOU GUYS. It's good.

^^Blackberry chip & coconut chip. DROOLING NOW.^^
^^Catching flakes^^
One day we went to Monkey Joes, which is pretty much Boston's favorite place on the planet. They have bouncy toys, toddler play areas, and arcade games... which is weirdly Boston's favorite part. The arcade. Actually, the rifle shooting game, to be more specific. The second he got off a bouncy toy, he would sprint to the shooting game yelling,

"I wanna play RUDOLPH SHOOT IT!!"

Uh, I know. So morbid. But what can you do!
^^Is he not the most perfect thing?^^
^^this guy. And his beard! rawr.^^
^^The intensity here. It kills me!!^^
^^He's a good grandpa.^^
^^It's reassuring to know that I'm not the only idiot in my family.^^
We hit up my parents' hotel pool for a little bit, because swimming! Who doesn't love it. Unless the water is freaking cold. Then I don't love it at all. But the water is never too cold for a two-year-old, right? Like, Boston has seen the pond by our house- half covered in ice- and yelled, "SWIMMING!"... and he's dead serious. So even though the hotel pool was less than balmy, and Boston's teeth were chattering and his lips were blue, he was having the time of his life. 

Also, sidenote. A few workers at the hotel were acting super twitterpated and antsy around my dad, which was weird. We were wondering what the heck the deal was, when one of them approached him and awkwardly blurted out, 

"UM! hi. Are you Coach Cal??" (the famous UK basketball coach...well, famous in Lexington)

which was hilarious. And no. He is not the coach, in case you were confused also. Although I'm sure he would love the court side seat!

Camden was so tired. His toes touched the water for like three seconds, and he was so over swimming. He was like, just give me boobs and a bed, pronto. The poor child. I mean, he might wither away from lack of body fat. (Bah ha!)

One night, my parents watched the bee-bops for us so we could go see a movie. (A date? Not to McDonalds? With no screaming babies? Bliss. Pure bliss.) So we saw Gravity in 3D, and I'm not lying when I say it was the best slash most intense movie experience of my little life. Like, I'm pretty sure I didn't breathe for an hour and a half. It was cray cray.

When we got out of the theater, we looked at eachother and said, "Where arrrrrre we?" We felt like we were still in space with Sandra and George. For reals.

So the moral here, If you haven't seen the movie, you should. 

^^See? It blew our minds (that's what those faces mean.)^^

We took a quick trip to our awesome mall before my family had to catch their flight back home. We spent like three hours in the Disney store, because that's what you do. You know, toddlers. They get what they want, because they're cute. 
^^Boston, obsessing over something about pirates. His latest thing.^^
We hated saying goodbye. It was the worst! Goodbyes actually are no fun at all, in case you were wondering. Boston was a mess when their car pulled away. He kept insisting that

"Gomma and Gompa come back tomollow, okay mom? Dey come back my house. Kay?"

It was the saddest thing ever. 
^^Bost loves his aunt whit.^^
^^Freaking cute.^^
^^And then this one. Cute.^^
We had such a good time with my family.

Now come back soon, okay?
Because visitors are the very best.
Like, way better than FaceTime.


  1. looks like sooo much fun!! I love family visits!

  2. Love this! Those pictures are absolutely adorable-- every single one of them! What fun memories :)