The problem with babies.

So, apparently babies have to grow big and into non-babies.

I mean, what is that all about? Why does this have to happen? I feel like it's usually very sudden, too. Like one second I'm holding this tiny, wiry little wrapped bundle with a bird mouth and trying not to break his fragile body, and the next second he's pulling his little chubby self up on tables and chairs and stuffing banana puffs into his mouth.

See, the problem is that they just keep growing. No matter what you do. No matter how hard you fight it or cry about it or wish for it to not happen, they're going to grow out of babyhood and into little peoplehood. And isn't that kind of the saddest thing ever? I will answer that: YES. It is.

So dear almost-nine-month-old Camden, it's fine if you freeze right where you're at. Because even when you're sick and slobbery and have boogers running down your face (like you do at this very moment. Baby colds are the saddest thing of my life), you are the most precious squishy boy. I mean, your wrist chub and two-gapped front teeth? I can't get enough.

And so, that is my lament for the day. That babies grow up, and they shouldn't. All agreed, hands up.

The end.

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