A day in Louisville.

Jordan had spring break a couple of weeks ago, and I was BEYOND pumped to have him home for a few days. I mean, a husband all to myself? With no work or school?? Jackpot! I started planning grand adventures... but then he told me his program was taking a four-day trip to Georgia for the first few days of the break. Womp womp. All my dreams were dashed.

I thought I would basically die without him, because you know. I need a husband to talk to and to keep me sane! And to keep me from throwing our children to the street when they get especially crazy! But you know what? We survived. Barely, but we made it without him for four long days (I know. I'm a wimp). Every time Boston asked "Where's daddy?" I would tell him, "Remember bud? Dad's in Georgia"... to which he would always respond,

"windows dowwwn and cr-oooooz!" (...from the Florida Georgia line song)

It killed me every time. That kid. Oh, that kid.

So when Jord got back from Georgia, we decided to take a day trip to Louisville! To spend some quality time with the fam. Our main reason for going to Louisville was to go to the temple, but we failed majorly on that front and showed up seven hours before the temple actually opened. Um. Whoops! At least we got some good pictures out of it?

(Note to self: check the temple schedule at least five times for future temple trips.)
^^Sorry Bost. I just had to put this one up. You're pudgy squinty face is the cutest.^^
We went with our friends the Lees, and luckily their daughter Sophie has agreed to marry Boston someday down the road. I mean really, just look at these two. Just a couple 'a kids in love.

We changed into our casual clothes and headed downtown to parrrtayyyyy. 
Just kidding. We're kind of boring old farts. But hey! We did go to the Louisville Slugger Museum. Which was like Boston's dream come true, so yeah. I'd say we earn some fun points for that one! Swing batta' batta'!

They had a little kid batting cage and play center, which Boston basically wanted to marry. He is so obsessed with baseball right now. He would seriously not leave that batting cage...he probably would have slept there if we let him. (You think I'm kidding!) Have I mentioned that he's obsessed? Just checking.

^^He was convinced this was a taco. "Mom, I no sit in taco anymore, k?"^^
^^This is Babe Ruth's bat that he notched every time he got a home run. Pretty cool!^^
^^Please tell me you're quoting the Sandlot in your mind right now.^^
^^Proof that Cam was actually with us. Sorry Cam. When you're in the stroller, you kind of get the shaft.^^
^^My Boston boy with some Boston garb.^^
And now for the cutest three pictures in the history of the earth.
No, but really.
Just look:

I know.
I can't handle them either. TOO MUCH CUTENESS!

Anyways. After we wandered downtown, we decided to drive over to Churchill Downs... and on the way we accidentally crossed a giant bridge and went to Indiana for five minutes. True story.

Those construction barriers are confusing, okay??

^^The famous Churchill Downs!^^

Then we went to the mall and let the boys play on the creepy mechanical toys.
And we ate three Subway cookies and drove home.

What a good day.
The end!

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  1. Add me to the list of people who have accidentally ended up in Indiana via that bridge (it was some 15 years ago, but I remember it well). Who hasn't done that?

    Nice post!