Happy Easter!

Happy happy Easter! It has been a perfect Sunday to reflect on our blessings and remember the Savior. We have spent today playing with our chubby boys, soaking up the sunshine, and eating approximately one million Cadbury mini-eggs (because duh).

Now for a whole slew of photos of our little family! The photo cred on these babies goes to my awesome sister Syd! I forced her to do a mini-photo shoot with us when she was in town last week. Because she is the bomb. And her camera is also the bomb. So of course it was necessary. (And don't worry. More pictures of her visit are coming soon! I know you must worry about these things.)

So, enjoy! I sure love my family. Like, way more than Cadbury eggs. And that's saying something. 
^^That mitt doesn't leave his side.^^
^^Is Cam not the freaking cutest thing ever right here?? I can't even handle him.^^
^^Why does he suddenly look 16?^^
^^Yeah, this photo is weirdly shadowy. But I love this man so much.^^
^^Hash tag: real life.^^
^^This kid. Swoon.^^

Pictures were going really good. And everyone was adorable...

...and then things suddenly took a turn.
A big one.

You'll see what I mean.


Boston was so done with pictures. But I will seriously always cherish those photos.
Because how could you not??
So precious.

^^My heart. It just can't take it.^^
Man, I am so stinking lucky.
I love life.
And my family.
And bow ties.
And chubby babies.
And Cadbury eggs.
(Have I already mentioned that one?)

Hope your Easter was so wonderful!