Take me out to the ballllll gaaaaaaaame!

The other day we walked passed some young kids at baseball practice. Boston immediately ran up to the fence, held on tight with his little dimpled fists, and asked,

"Mom. I want to play baseball with the guys!"
"Oh, not right now honey," I said, "They're practicing with their team! Maybe when you get bigger you can play."

That really wasn't cutting it for him.

"Nooooo!" He said, "How 'bout, I get smaller and play? Maybe tomollow?"

It was the cutest request I've ever heard. All the boy wants to do is play baseball constantly. 24/7. When he's awake, when he's sleeping, when he's eating, etc. etc. And it is the cutest thing ever. 

So we decided "Hey! Let's take him to a real baseball game!" Because of course. And you know what? It might have been the best idea we've ever had.

The second we sat on the bleachers, Boston could not wipe a huge smile off his face. The little man was in HEAVEN. And as parents, we were too. It was such a priceless moment.

^^Tippy-toeing! "See mom? I a BIG boy!"^^
^^He is the best dad. THE BEST.^^
And then this picture happened. Which, hello. I can't handle it. THE CUTENESS IS TOO MUCH!

Boston LOVED the game so much. He talked about it for days and days, recounting every detail.

"And den dat guy swung the bat, hit the ball! It go so fast! I yub baseball. Dat guy have cool mitt. I go to baseball field. I play catch with dad. I go to game and see baseball! I yub baseball....(etc. etc.)"

...So when the last home game happened for the Wildcats, we knew we had to go. This game was much warmer than the last one. Actually, it was perfect weather. Cam and I were content to just lay on a blanket under the sun, while my little baseball lover(s) played catch in the background.

And suddenly, BABY SELFIES!
The best thing ever invented.
^^Is he not the cutest baby squinter you have seen. I mean really.^^

When it was time to pack up and go home, Boston couldn't stop talking about the next baseball game we would go to.

I didn't have the heart to tell him he would have to wait til next season.

Guess we'll be playing a lot of catch this Summer!

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  1. This just melted my heart into a puddle :) SO precious!