Bostonisms, as of late.

Boston is killing me these days. I mean, he's always been a crack up, but right now. Right now in his life, he is just a particularly hilarious little man. I have a running list of funny things he says in my phone, and it is literally five pages long. I just want to remember all of it!

He's just the cutest two and a half  year old. And I'm not even biased or anything.

And now, here are some of my very favorite recent Boston photos slash quotes.

When drinking a fizzy soda, he exclaimed "Oooh! Dat so SPICY!"

I was warming up a burrito in the microwave, when Boston walked in and said, "Mmmm! 'Mells like chocolate cookies in here!"
"Oh, it's not cookies," I said, "It's a burrito."
"YUM!" he yelled, "I wub burritos. Dere pretty awesome."

Jordan was putting a Yankees shirt on Boston, and he told him, "Look, Bost! This is a baseball shirt! It says 'Yankees'."
"OH!" Boston yelled, "NAKIES! Cool!"

When we were out feeding the ducks, Boston walked towards them slowly and said, "Kay, I got da bread. Let's do dis." (apparently he means business with those ducks.)

Then after feeding the ducks, he went over and peered into the pond. He suddenly spotted a big rock and yelled, "MOM! I see a hippo down dere! Don't worry hippo, we gotcha."

We were in the car the other day when Boston suddenly slapped his hand to his forehead and said, "Dis bad."
"What's wrong?" I asked.
"Oh man," he said, "Da taffic is terrible." (...wonder who says that every day? haha)

^^All he wanted from the Easter Bunny was a "Hawk Eye bow & arrow and Hawk Eye glasses, like da Abenjers." I don't know where he comes up with this stuff.^^
One of my favorite recent things that he does is pretending to read words when he sees them, no matter where they are. A sign, lettering on a shirt, a book... anything. If he sees letters, he WILL tell you "what it says." Here are some of his greatest translations:

The lettering on a baseball: "Dis say, Boston REAWWY good at baseball and hit it."

On one of Jord's t-shirts: "Dis one say, you need ta go class, Dad."

On a fortune cookie paper, "Dis say, Boston da happy boy ebber."

On the lettering inside his shoe, "Dis say, Cam go upstairs, take nap, Boston pay basketball, shoot da hoop, yike marshmawwos."

His interactions with Camden are getting more and more hilarious by the day. I overheard him the other day saying, "CAM! No bite me, ya big weirdo."

Yesterday he asked me, "Hey Mom? Where Santa Clause go?"
"Well buddy, he's not here because it's not Christmastime anymore."
"Oh," he said, "He go back to Norf Mountain?" (...uh...we never watch Frozen...)


And lastly, two of my favorites.

We were eating chicken for dinner one night, and I suddenly heard Boston quietly saying to himself, "Wow. Dis really good. I feeking out. It out of control."

And today we had this conversation:
"Hey Mom?"
"Yeah, buddy?"
"You're kinda bootiful. And hey Mom?"
"Yeah, bud?"
"You're kinda hann-some."


Seriously, can he just stay like this?? I don't know if I can handle the whole kids growing up thing. Because this toddler thing is kind of my favorite ever. Or as Boston would say, "ebber ebber."

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  1. Oh my freakin heck. I am DYING! Hannah has started talking a little bit more, but no sentences yet. Every time I read these cute posts about Bost's sayings I get all sorts of excited for her to start jabbering :)