Dentist trips, and thoughts on Neverland.

^^First dentist trip!^^
Sometimes it FLOORS me how big Boston is getting. I just think of him as my baby, always. Because in my mind, he is teeny-tiny and needs help with everything and wants me to swaddle him and rock him to sleep. But in his mind, that's not how it works, like AT ALL.

He tells me every day, "Momma, I no baby. I a BIG boy, like daddy."
                                     "Mom, I do it myself, kay?"
                                     "Momma, no help me, peese."

And it kind of breaks my heart a little bit! (okay, it breaks me heart a lot. STOP GROWING UP, CHILD.) But as much as I want him to stay tiny, it's also pretty amazing how fast kids learn and grow. Boston has been blowing my mind with his maturity level these days. The way he cares about his brother, the way he worries about me when I trip and stub my toe, he is just so tender-hearted. I mean, don't get me wrong, there are definitely still MOMENTS. Moments where I go, "Oh, yep, you're a two year old." (You know the kind.) But overall, he is becoming the sweetest boy ever. And he is growing up so fast. I kind of want to fly him to Neverland so that he will stay little forever. Wouldn't that be convenient?

We went to the dentist yesterday, and to be honest, I was basically expecting the worst with Boston. Actually, I was dreading it. I thought I would have a full-fledged toddler meltdown on my hands... with screaming and wailing and the whole bit... but surprisingly? Surprisingly Boston was a total angel. I know. It was a Christmas miracle!  He grinned for the dentist, giggled when they cleaned his teeth, and said, "My teef are SO SIE-NEE!" (Shiny) He did such a good job.

As we were leaving, Boston sighed and said, "Mom, I wuvvvv the dentist. How 'bout we come back after naps, kay?"

Oh, how I love you, Boston boy. Stay little for just a little while longer, buddy.

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  1. Aww! I think we've all had that moment when it starts to feel like our babies are growing up too fast. Like it was just yesterday when we first held them, we blink our eyes and bam! They're sitting on a dental chair on their first checkup. Haha! Anyway, it's good news that Boston was such a good little boy. He seems like such a sweetie. I guess your dentist managed to calm him down. I really can't believe he wants to go back to the dentist! :)

    Alexis Jensen @ Kelleher Ortho