Oh hello, Monday.

This weekend was a good one. We ate pizza, played a lot of golf outside on the grass, and celebrated dad's everywhere... and soaked up time with our daddy at home. Happy late Father's Day!

Now that Jord is back into a regular school schedule (he just started the MBA program! Whoop whoop!), the boys and I just smother him when he is home for the weekends. We MISS THAT MAN  when he's gone during the week.

Every morning when Boston wakes up he asks me, "Mom? Daddy downstairs, or daddy at school?" and his face always falls when I tell him that Jordan is at school. He absolutely adores Jordan.

But now! Monday is here. Which means my list goes a little something like:

go to the library
grocery shopping
snuggle my babies
play outside (and try not to melt... helllloooo 90 degrees with 80% humidity. Yowza!)
eat popsicles

Have I mentioned that I need to do some laundry?

But first, I should probably pick up all the diapers off my living room floor.

Happy Monday!

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