Summer trip {Day 3}: Savannah, Georgia!

On our way to Savannah, we came across a sign advertising the "best peach cider in the South"... obviously we had to stop and see if that was true. The store was cute and old fashioned, with porch swings out front and banjo music playing out back...definitely not your typical greasy roadside gas station. And hi, you just can't pass something up when it claims to be the best, you know? ("You did it!! World's best cup of coffee. Congratulations!"...best part of Elf, hands down.)

So, the peach cider ended up being kind of mehhh...but the STRAWBERRY. Holy crap. That was soooo worth stopping for. And the kids got some yummy rock candy suckers out of it, so they were happy campers!
^^"Mom, I yike da berry juice!"^^
After a gorgeous drive (and a pit stop at the ever-classy Wendy's...yolo), we made it to Savannah! The poor babies were sick of being cooped up in the car, so we unloaded our bags and immediately headed for the pool. They loved it.

Then we got cleaned up and headed downtown for dinner at a yummy pizza joint. Jordan ordered one type of pizza and I ordered another, and we ended up switching pizzas because we liked each others better. Hashtag perksofmarriage.
^^Classic Boston. If in doubt, cheese it out!^^
^^I'm always a sucker for Thai chicken pizza. So good.^^
^^That head of fuzzy hair. I just want to rub it always.^^
After dinner, we walked down to River Street and peeked into some cute shops, walked along the river, and let our kids run wild. We also made sure to go to River Street Sweets and try their fresh pralines...which may have been the best decision of my life. SO amazing. (Like, I can't even talk about it. Because now I want one. Drool.)

Oh yeah, we also tried not to die of the sweltering heat. Because guys. IT WAS SO HOT. If you say to yourself, "Hmmm, they look particularly greasy in this batch of photos" then you will know that it's because we were DYING. Or as Boston would say, "fwettin' our brains out." Haha!

But seriously. I took a screenshot of the weather on my phone and sent it to my family, because at almost 7 at night it was 95 degrees and 80 percent humidity. Yeah. Welcome to Georgia in August, baby!
^^river street^^
^^trapper john^^
^^dophin dan.^^
^^Cam contently watched this musician from the steps, and it was adorable.^^
^^Several people told us that we MUST stop here in Savannah, and now we know why. YUM.^^
^^My cute candy-lover.^^
^^Amazing, I know. I NEED ANOTHER ONE.^^
^^The boys feasted on peachie-o's, and I had a praline as big as my face. So amazing.^^
^^I love him.^^
^^Sailor Stan. (am I getting too carried away with the nicknames? I can't tell.)^^
On our way back to the car, I asked Boston to take a photo of me and Jord. His eyes lit up, and he clicked the camera button at least one zillion times in the span of two minutes. It was awesome. Most of the 500 photos that he took are blurry (or of our feet), but I actually kind of love them.

Then we went back to our hotel and cranked up the AC, and watched some Sponge Bob.
Because doesn't every vacation need Sponge Bob?

And it wasn't too long before we were all out cold.

(More photos of our trip, coming up!)

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