Hello! Hi! Hi! Hi!

Friends, as you may have noticed, I have been 100 percent absent on the blog the past two months. I know. TWO MONTHS. That is a little ridiculous. But if you follow me on other social media, you probably know why:

We are expecting Baby McMurtrey #3 in early May 2015!

And we are BEYOND thrilled!! We can hardly wait for our new, sweet bundle of joy to get here in the Spring. We find out what we are having right before Christmas, and I can hardly wait. Babies are just the best!

But because of little baby #3 in my belly, I haven't been able to blog for the last couple of months due to MAJOR morning/ mostly all day sickness. Man, the first trimester hits me like a ton of bricks! I basically stopped blogging mid-sentence (and mid-summer trip), because I couldn't look at the computer screen without tossing my cookies. Actually, I couldn't really do anything without tossing my cookies. Luckily I am climbing out of that phase! Slowly but surely!! Pregnancy is pretty crazy, and pretty amazing.

So now that I am finally feeling like somewhat of a normal human again, and I hope to resume regular blogging soon! I miss it a lot. And I have so many photos to post. Like, SO MANY PHOTOS, you guys. It kind of makes my brain explode thinking about it. But I've got this!!

So thanks for being patient with me and my lack of blogging the past little bit. You guys are the best. I'll be up and running again in no time!! In the meantime, here are a couple of photos from our pre-church-(that-made-us-late)-pregnancy-announcement-photo-shoot! Enjoy.


YAY for babies!!!


  1. SO excited for you girl!! Is this morning sickness worse that with your boys?

    1. Thanks Kaylee!! We are SOOO excited! I got pretty sick with my boys too, so it's hard to compare it! No matter how many times I go through the first trimester, it never seems to get less-barfy! Haha. Luckily, I will get a cute baby out of this in a few months!! haha. Love your cute little Jayne girl!!

  2. Woohoo! I missed your posts, but totally understand! How's this for a deal, I'll blog regularly if you do! ;)

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