Mount Zion Covered Bridge!

This morning our kids woke up at an INSAAAAANELY early hour, so by nine 'o clock we were on the road. We had just had to get out, and so to the Kentucky countryside seemed like a perfect cure! Sunday drives before church are some of my very most favorite things to do with my family.

We ended up at Mount Zion Covered Bridge, which is the longest covered bridge in Kentucky. Kentucky is full of these awesome things! And I don't know what it is...but I am seriously in love with them. They are just so rustic and awesome looking, and I can't help but take a zillion photos. So dreamy. The kids thought it was a cool fort, and they were in heaven running around.

We explored, enjoyed the sunshine in the Kentucky countryside, and ate a little picnic lunch. It was the perfect Sunday morning before we headed to church. Here are some photos!

^I love these little buddies.^
^Tiny Explorers^
^I have to post this, even if it is out of focus. BECAUSE LOOK HOW CUTE.^
^wrist chub^
^So dreamy!!^
^I am so lucky.^
^He is constantly handing me his shoe and saying "Ball." We need to work on his words. Haha!^
^Isn't it awesome?^

Man, I am lucky. 
To have what I have, to live where I live...
life is pretty great.

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