Happy birthday, Holland! {An "UNO" fiesta!}

Happy first birthday to our sweet Holland boy!! Oh, how we love him. He is just a little golden ray of sunshine, and we can't ever seem to get enough.  I just cannot believe where the time has gone. He used to be so teeny tiny. Just look at this:

My gosh. I know. I'm tearing up too!! That year went waaaay too fast. He is such a sweet boy, though, and it has been so fun watching him grow.

(to see more hospital photos from Holland's arrival, click here)

We celebrated Holland turning "uno" with a little Mexican birthday fiesta in our backyard, and it was a blast! We ate chips and salsa, let the kids run wild, and just had a lot of fun together. My sweet friend Kim took some photos for us, and I'm so grateful that she did!! I will always cherish these pictures of Holland's first birthday.

 These next close-ups of his naked chubbiness just KILL ME. I mean, come on now. I could eat him!!

^shoving the entire cupcake in his mouth at once. That's how we do it!^
^admiring the big kids^

We did a little Fiesta photo booth with props, and it was so fun! We didn't get all of the guests in these pictures, but here are a few!! Ole! 

^Han and Bennett!^
^McClellan Fam!^
^Hicks fam!^
^Cute girls!^
^The Mac fam!^
 Pinata time!! Holland was clueless, but the older kids had a blast with it. Because you can never have enough cheap partymix candy, I mean am I right??
^Don't mind my gooby face...haha!^
^Camden boy!^
^Smashing it while it was down. He's just a tad intense.^
Our friends brought some of the sweetest presents for Holland. He was so spoiled! We are so lucky to have such a great group of friends here in Louisville. They are just the best!
^I love these boys.^
Then it was time for CAKE! The most important thing. And can we just talk about Costco cake for a quick sec? It really just cannot be beat. In my humble opinion, Heaven will be filled with Diet Dr. Pepper, James Bay's voice, and Costco cake. Haha! But seriously though. (Will I get struck by lighting for saying that?)
^We lucked out with perfect weather that night for backyard lounging. So fun!^
^Kid table!^
^I think CJ was a little wary of Holland's slobbery kisses. Haha! Love these little buddies.^
^Traditional birthday-smooshy-cheeked-kissing photo. We love this baby.^
We had such a fun night celebrating our littlest squishy boy.
And now, here's a birthday letter for him.

Dear Holland Beck,

Happy birthday, little man!! I cannot believe you are one. You are just the sweetest, happiest baby I have ever met (and trust me...I've met a lot of babies). You are adored by everyone who knows you! You smile and wave at everyone, and you love to give big, slobbery kisses to your family. Boston and Camden love you so much (sometimes a little too much), and they take such good care of you. You are such a perfect little ray of sunshine, and we just can't imagine life without you.

Love you to the moon, little boy. Can't wait to spend a whole lot more birthdays with you.

Love, Mom

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