From Russia With Love

Greetings from the Motherland!

3 flights, 24 hours, 1 exploded suitcase, and an uncomfortable amount of airline food later we've arrived in Russia. Woot.

One of our suitcases didn't survive the flight. The zipper broke, but the airline workers were kind enough to stuff the suitcase and the random assortment of displaced goods in a garbage bag for us. Here's to you airplane worker man.

The forest outside our apartment. When the wind blows Kels says the swaying trees look like a T-Rex is charging through the forest towards our apartment.

View from our 15th story window

Our wonderful little rickety futon. It doesn't fold out all the way so we both roll to the middle:)

Our cozy living room/bedroom

We didn't snap a pic, but our first night our native coordinator's husband took Jord shopping for some necessities and came back with two chicken halves from the waste down, a mushroom and mayo pizza, and these crusty marshmallows shaped like sea shells. Yummmm.

The toilet paper is blue and the hall leading to our apartment smells like a cigarette smoke/kitty litter/exotic fruit combo. At McDonald's today the poor cashier didn't speak a word of English and we ended up with a package of cheese sauce instead of ketchup:)

Yes, life is good here in Russia.


  1. ... First of all, I didn't even know McDonald's had packages of cheese sauce. Interesting. Maybe you should make some flashcards with pictures on them for next time :)
    Second of all, why didn't I think of painting my entire apartment pink?!?... or is it red? Either way, it certainly wouldn't be complete without the rickety futon! Have fun, you guys!

  2. I'm glad you got there safe. Looks like an adventure. Be safe and becareful what you eat. You don't want to end up with ecoli like Matt, you'll be running out of that blue toilet paper real quick. Have fun!

  3. your forest outside the apt. looks like NYC's central park - only maybe a little less civilized?? is central park civilized??? The smells and food choices sound a lot like China! So glad you guys are there together to experience this. Be safe, watch your back, and have fun. Keep blogging!