Boston-isms, as of late.

You guys, Boston is killing me these days. I feel like one day he just woke up with a vocabulary of about ten thousand more words, and he couldn't spit them out fast enough. The boy LOVES to talk.

Sometimes I like to just sit at the table with him and listen to him tell me everything. Stories about his friend the pink dinosaur, songs about going potty, reviews of his favorite movies, and whatever else his little mind conjures up. Just soaking him in. It's a new favorite pastime.

And now, a list of things that he has said recently. For your enjoyment!

Number one. If you ask him (which you should), he will tell you his favorite movies in this manner:

"Da Abenjers"
"Cowdee Meatbawls"

(If you guess them right, I'll give you a goldfish cracker. Ya' welcome.) 

Number two. The other night, he suddenly woke up at 10:30 shouting, "I need a samwich!!" in all seriousness and urgency. So by george, I made the boy a sandwich.
(Sorry pal. You get the intense food dreams from me.)

Number three. So, precursor: Bost loves to pretend he is Captain America (as if you didn't know that already. I mean.) Now we can begin.

One day I was in the kitchen when I hear him shouting intensely, so I poked my head out to see what was up. He was running in circles as fast as his two-year-old legs would let him, yelling "I NEED BACK-UP! I NEED BACK-UP!" Oh, and wearing  underwear and his Captain Helmet only, mind you. It was perfection.

Four. We were at a department store yesterday, when I told Boston to look for the Elevator. He starts looking around, saying,"Elleeeppphaaaant! Wheh are youuuuu?"
So I said, "Oh, not elephant. Ele-VATOR."
and he got all serious and nodded.
"Ohhhhh," he said, "ALLIGATOR. Okay! Alliiigaatooooor, wheh are youuuu?"

That boy.

And lastly, five. Camden was in his Johhny-Jumper the other day, and was crying because he dropped a toy that he couldn't reach. Boston just looked at him and matter of factly said,

"C'mon Cam. Pick it up!"

Oh how I love my Boston kid. He is kind of my favorite toddler around. 


  1. Oh my gosh! I'm dying! He is so stinking cute! And Mulan is totally my favorite movie too! The kid has good taste! Miss you guys!

  2. Will you pleeeeaaaaaaasssseeeee video an interview of some sort with Boston and tape it??? I want to hear!!!!!! Miss you guys.

  3. This. Is. Awesome. He is SO STINKIN' cute!