Night at the Museum

If you remember a month ago we went to Victory Park (September 12th's post). Well part of the park is a huge WWII museum, and we checked that out this week.

This is called the Hall of Sorrow. There are chains and crystals hanging from ceiling, each one representing a person that died from the Soviet Union in WWII. This is at the end of a huge hall full of millions of chains hanging from the ceiling.

They had huge dioramas depicting different scenes from the war.

Mongolia! Represent!

Military graduating class

Statue outside the museum depicting the holocaust.

Such a flattering picture of me. Kels found her bag out on our balcony among the leftover junk from head teachers past. It's classic. It says, and I quote, "Winners. I am a Russian. My motherland is Russia. I am a Russian. My motherland is Russia. Winners."

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