Missin' the Flash

One of the perks of being famous English teachers in a foreign country is the showering of gifts you receive from appreciative students and their parents. Ok, we've only got one gift. But still, they were very appreciative of our services and we ended up with courtside tickets to the Moscow Dynamo basketball game. Alright, maybe not courtside. . . .
Us singing along with one of the many theme songs written for the Dynamo and played throughout the game.

It was an interesting culture experience attending the game so we decided to illustrate those differences with an assortment of comparative pictures.

Energy Solutions Arena.

Dynamo Arena. A crowd the UVU basketball team would be envious of.

Jazz fans.
Dynamo fans. Soccer style. People had huge flags, the annoying soccer horns, and one group had a drum set.

The Jazz Bear. Doing crazy stunts. Keepin the crowd wild.

Vladimir. The Dynamo man. Doing what he does best-- standing with one arm perched on the hoop. The whole game.

Occasionally, he'd break away for a quick wave to the crowd. Then back to his perch.

Jazz dancers.

Dynamo dancers. They had more costume changes than a Brittney Spears concert, and in most cases made Brittney look like a model in modesty. This is their Halloween ensemble.

This was our personal favorite-- the Avatar outfit. Worn during a routine set to a song from the Brother Bear soundtrack.

The Dynamo got spanked by the opposing team. But it was unfair really. The other team had two black guys and a center that towered at least a foot and a half taller than anyone Dynamo could throw at 'em.

It was a blast. We did our fair share of cheering, laughing, and grimacing at skanky dance routine after skanky dance routine. But when all was said and done we found ourselves saying something we never thought we say, "We miss the Utah Flash."

Go Dynamo!


  1. Oh my gosh Kelsey. This is hilarious. I'm a little confused...is this in Russia?

  2. ya it is!! Isn't it funny?? haha