Proof that we do other cool things besides go to Russia

Yes. We are THAT cool.
We mos def went wave running with the Mac fam up at Deer Creek.

And chilled at a cabin with the Mac fam.

Here is our lovely first apartment.

Oh, how we miss you First Apartment.

Especially your constant 88 degree toastiness.

We also definitely chilled in St. Geezy with the Gillman fam for a week.

Random seafood buffet restaurant somewhere between Wayne County and Nowhere.

Fishin up Bryce Canyon.

Hey Kels, remember when we used to wear shorts? Yeah, me neither. It's freezing in Moscow now.

Papa G's ranch.

Momma and Papa G. And can't forget Kels' favorite-- Bo.

St. George Temple.

And my favorite. The Maine concert.

We are such a special couple.

Check out the goat.
Random warm up band #1

Random warm-up band #2

Random suprised/upset boy at the concert: "Hey, this isn't Justin Beiber!"

We are so sweaty. Mmmmm.

The Maine!

Totally met them after the show.

Well, there ya have it. Our Pre-Moscow adventures.


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