House Hunting

In an effort to explore ALL of our options while house hunting, we called on a listing for a "nice, clean mobile home" on Craigslist.

Here's how the conversation went.

Man: "Hello, this is Earl."
Me: "Yes, I'm calling about the mobile home. Is it still available?"
Man: "It sure is!"
Me: "Awesome. Are there any pictures or anything posted that I could see what it looks like?"
Man: "Well now there aren't. But I'll tell ya, it's a beaut. Very good looking mobile home. We got horses, cows, pigs. . . oh, and chickens! Would you like to come by and see it sometime?"
Me: "Well, that'd be hard, cuz I'm in Russia right now."
Man: "Hoo-wee! Russia? Now whatcha be doin' down dere?"
Me: "Teaching English."
Man: "I'll be darned. We'll I'm afraid the mobile will be sold by then, but good luck with ya'll's teachin'."

Oh, the joys of house hunting.

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