A mini-tour inside the Kremlin walls...

We got to go inside of the Kremlin walls for a tour, and it was pretty cool! Honestly, we have seen approximately 3 zillion churches and cathedrals from here to Kiev to Lithuania... so they are all kind of blurring together. :-) But they were really pretty! Here are a few pictures...

Heres Jord. Eating some nasty cheese chips that we accidentally bought. Whoops! haha.

Here is an entrance to one of the cathedrals. Really beautiful!

I'm not sure if I could be cheesing it any harder right here. haha.

Jord by a really old cannon!

Me by one of the biggest and oldest bells in Moscow. Not quite sure whats up with my manly stance, but hey. :-)

We had a lot of fun exploring the cathedrals inside the Kremlin walls!

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