Latvia was awesome! It was similar to Estonia with its winding cobblestone streets, but definitely had a different feeling. It was fun to explore Riga!

These guys were so cute. They played their accordions and sang together all day. :-)

This is the freedom monument in Riga, right in the middle of the city.

And this is my dashing husband.

This park and river were so pretty!

Michaela, Maggie, and I reenacting this weird statue in the park. :-)

On a lot of the bridges in the countries we visited, there were these locks with peoples names engraved onto them, and locked onto the bridge. It is a tradition for people to put a lock on the bridge when they get married, symbolizing forever. I thought it was cute. :-)

Jord and old town in Riga!

These guards meant business. Haha. They were guarding the Freedom Monument in the town square.

This is a Russian Orthodox Cathedral that we went to. It was huge!

Don't mind this next series of pictures... sometimes we are five years old. :-)

This is called the Powder Tower in Riga!

Creeper chef and me.

This church was so pretty! It's called the St. Peter Cathedral.

A random wooden horse... uh, Jmac's face? haha.

Yummy fruit stands!

Somehow we always managed to stay in Hostels that had three very steep and twisty flights of stairs. Haha always an adventure!

In Riga, we stayed at a hostel called "Friendly fun Franks," and it was awesome! We loved it.

This bridge was so pretty at night! It was lit up blue, and it looked so cool!

This building is called "Blackhead's house"- kind of weird, but it was really pretty! haha.

This was SUCH a beautiful day in Riga! Blue skies, blue water, it was so pretty.

We saw this sign above the toilet on our bus from Riga to Moscow... and couldn't resist taking a picture! haha.
This first video is us in Riga in the park! The second is a cute little old woman dancing on the street. :-)


  1. Love the bridge pictures, with the locks! I love that tradition! My favorite is Riga! I can't believe all the cool old buildings you are getting to see. And then you get to come home to Rexburg! better enjoy it while you can...

  2. Pretty sure the pictures of you guys goofing off just made my night :) Especially the one of you blowing the bubble! I LOVE it! hahahahaha!