Lithuania was so cool! It felt more compact than some of the other countries that we went to, and the people were really relaxed and helpful! We had a lot of fun here. :-)

This old abandoned cathedral was right outside of our hostel door... pretty cool!

Jord, Ardo, Maggie, and Michaela hanging out in Vilnius!

Classic Jord face. :-)

These next couple of pictures were taken in Cathedral Square in Vilnius, and they were SO pretty! The second one reminds me of the white house.

This was a creeper statue that we found. So weird.

I LOVE this picture. Look closely at this homeless man's hair... it is a dread cone!! It was sticking out of the side of his head! Pretty cool slash really stinky. :-)

This is Gediminas Castle in Vilnius! It was so cool!


We took a lift up to Gediminas Castle, and this was the lower part. Pretty awesome.

Here is a great view of Vilnius from the castle!

Me and my bearded husband. I love the guy.

We hiked up to a monument called "The Three Crosses," which was on top of a tall hill in Vilnius. We got there right at sunset, and it was beautiful!

I made Jord pose for this pic at 5:30 AM as we were leaving our hostel to go catch a bus back home. :-) The hostel we stayed at in Lithuania was called "Jimmy Jumps House," and it was run by a young Canadian Snowboarder with a VERY colorful vocabulary. Haha. It was a cool hostel with yummy waffles, and cool writing from people from different countries all over the walls. We had a great time here!
Here is a video of Jord and I by the castle tower in Vilnius! :-)

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  1. Pretty sure that creepy statue is gonna give me nightmares! Ahhhh! =0