Mother's Day weekend... week 28!

Happy Mother's Day! It has been such a great Mother's Day, and I feel so blessed to have such a great husband to share it with. He is so good to me! For Mother's Day he surprised me with tickets to a Mindy Gledhill concert- which was so awesome! We had SO much fun. He spoils me!

Here we are at the concert! Don't mind my puffy marshmallowness :-)

She is so cute! Her concert was so upbeat and fun.

I love that she wore butterfly wings, and that she had a cute baby bump! Yay for being pregnant and still rocking out :-)

Since it is my birthday on Monday, we had a fun night at our friends Aaron and Steph Welch's house! We played games, had cake and ice cream, and had a really fun time!

Gregg. You gotta love this guy!

The crew! Steph, Jord, Gregg, Aaron, Rick, and Cassie.

Handsome boy. :-)

And here is a belly shot at 28 weeks... 7 months! Woo hoo- into the third trimester! :-)

Thats all folks... until next time! :-)