26 Weeks... and a few other goodies!

You know you live in St. Anthony, Idaho, when you come home to find a grocery cart parked in your front yard. What the??

Here is my growing baby bump at 26 weeks!

We had a really fun Easter- even though there were only two of us! We hid eggs, ate tons of candy, and got each other a fun Easter prize!

We love Easter egg hunts!

I got Jord a fun card game and a ball and bat... so hopefully the weather warms up so that we can use it outside!

Jord got me the BEST present of all time... a boomerang pillow! It is an L-shaped pillow that is perfect for awkward pregnant belly sleeping. I love it!

We have a crazy life here in Idaho, and we love it! Happy Easter everybody!


  1. Thought we would let you know your little boy is going to have a play pal. Mason is going to have a little brother. Hope you are feeling well I hope we get to see you soon.

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