Pass the Pigs!

Our friends, The Gardners, invited us to a night of fun and games at their house with the Robinsons!
They are so fun, and always so patient with crazy Boston. :-) 
This is how the evening unfolded:

Step 1:
Bundle the little man in his winter woollies to head out.
(Doesn't he look like a little elf in the middle picture?)

Step 2:
Eat some of Becky's DELICIOUS cookies and cream dessert.
Boston loved it too!
See how she makes it here.

Step 3:
Decide to play "Pass the Pig."
Learn how to play the game, which basically consists of rolling two pigs like dice,
and adding points according to how the pigs land on the table.
So simple, random, and so fun!

Step 4:
Learn all of the terms of the game, including "double-snouter," "razorback," and "leaning jowler."
This game is hilarious!!

Step 5:
Experience a Level 2 Boston meltdown.

Step 6: 
Ditch out on a competitive pig game,
go home early to put the wee one to sleep,
and go to bed early like old people.

Gotta love it!

Thanks for a fun game night, Gardners!!


  1. Hahahahaha! I'm so glad I'm not the only one with a kid who has Level 2 Melt Downs... among level 3s and 4s and... yeah. Parenthood is a joy, ain't it? ;)

  2. Go to bed early like old people? Who DOES that? Hahaha... I'm sure we don't ever do that because we are not old tired sleep deprived people with kids... wait...