A Rexburg weekend!

We love our low-key, fun filled weekends here in Rexburg!
It is nice to have a small break every weekend from the stresses of school.
This weekend, we decided to pretend we were somewhere tropical and went 
out to eat at Costa Vida.  
I can never get enough sweet pork!!

Bost was a good third wheel and stayed entertained by a plastic lid. 
I love that his favorite toys are things that cost only pennies!
(lids, balloons, mason jar rings, his feet, etc.)

When we got home, we decided to make Orange Julias smoothies. 
My mom's recipe is KILLER.
It beats the one from the mall by far!
We didn't want to wake up our little guy, though, 
(yay for sleep training)
so we decided to be totally white trash and make the smoothies on our porch!
So we got our yummy smoothies, and kept the little man asleep.
It was a win for all! 
(Well, except for maybe our apartment neighbors, who probably want to kill us now!)

We have fun times!


  1. Dear dude. You guys are just darling. And genius for thinking of using your outside outlet. So clever. One question really quick, though-- how do you make your oh-so-cute photo combo things? I must know. Right this very second. Please, and thank you. Love, me.

  2. Man he does make a good third wheel, love that he played with a lid, you have him trained well. Maybe you are starting a new trend,porch smoothies!haha

  3. I have been wanting to make Orange Julius's for a long time now. It sounds soooo good and looks really good in the picture. You'll have to post your moms recipe for me. Where are you guys living in Rexburg, I want to come visit?