A day at the park.

We finally had a warm day in Rexburg, 
so we decided to head to Porter Park.
Boston had never been to the park before, and he loved it!

We put on his baseball cap backwards like a gangsta-
and we were off!

It was such a beautiful day,
and it felt so good to be outside after a long winter!
If you haven't ever experienced a Rexburg, Idaho winter,
(... you lucky people!!)
 they can be pretty frigid.
It was good to feel some warm again!

Boston didn't know what to think of the whole "being outside" thing.
Usually we stay holed up in our apartment,
and our outings consist of the grocery store or library.
He didn't even know what to look at when we were at the park-
he was mesmerized by everything!

I love his face in the first one.  So noble.  Haha!

The whole first-time-swing experience was pretty cute!
He loved it.
We tried to get his attention for a picture, 
but the girl in the swing next to us had way cooler sound effects. :-)

Here is his first swing experience caught on tape.

He wasn't so sure about the slides.
(Neither was I...my bum isn't as small as it once was...haha!)

I love this chubbers.

We had a blast at the park.
Boston loved it, and it was so fun to be outside as a family. 
I can't wait until it is warm enough to go again!
Hopefully we won't have to wait until June. :-)



  1. oh. my. gosh.
    those cheeks get me every time.
    he is dang adorable!!

    cute blog. cute family. :)

  2. This post was adorable! So fun!! Ahhh!

  3. How does he always pull such fun faces for your pictures? I love the nobel look picture! He is do cute! We have had little spurts of warmth too and so I put a little jumper outside for dax and he isn't sure what to think about that idea but he loves it when luke comes over to play with the toys on his jumper haha!