Shootin some b-ball, outside the school.

(Please tell me you sometimes randomly bust out the fresh prince of bel air song like we do) :-)

This semester, Jord played on an intermural basketball team on campus,
and he had a blast!
He had a ton of fun playing with some of his buddies, 
and Bost and I loved cheering from the sidelines with the wives!
We went to the championship game to cheer him on.

Bost was so entertained with the whole basketball concept.
He loved it!
I think he is bound to be a sports addict great athlete like his daddy. :-)

By the way, 
would you just look at this adorable owl hat??
A cute lady that watches Boston (from our ward) made it for him!
Is she talented or what?  
I can't get over how adorable it looks with his chubby cheeks.

Don't mind Bost's glazed over look or belly hanging out in the last one... haha.

Jord's team ended up barely losing the championship game.
But overall, they had a great season! 
Go dry ice!  :-)

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    that was not mean to be in all caps, but i guess it's fitting. that hat is the cutest thing ever! remember how i said i would buy one for him the minute i found out he existed? well i forgot. so i'm glad you have cute ladies in your ward who give him one. he is the cutest.