(Late-ish) Easter 2012!

Happy Easter! 
(Cough cough...two weeks ago. Whoops!)
We had a fun, laid back Easter Sunday
with our little family and my two sisters.

The Easter Bunny visited our house
and brought lots of fun toys...
and 2... or 3... or 4...bags of cadbury mini-eggs.  Yum!

Clockwise from top: Whit's stash, Boston's presents, fun baking stuff for me, and Jord's stash!

It just might have been the cutest thing ever when 
Boston saw what the Easter Bunny brought him.
You could say he was just 
the tiiiiiniest bit excited.
I mean, look at him!

After our morning of chocolate and presents, 
we headed off to church.
Also, we all managed to wear 
coordinating colors without realizing it.
Fancy, eh?

It was such a beautiful day,
so we went for a walk to show Syd and Whit 
the back roads of Rexburg. 
Have I mentioned that Boston loooooooves walks?
Well he does.
I'm pretty sure he would live outside if he could.

Jord thought it would be a good plan
to test out how fast the stroller could go
 on a street speed tester.
It didn't pick him up,
but the end result was pretty entertaining!

We called it a night with a little egg decorating 
and movie watching.
It just isn't Easter without coloring eggs!

Jord thought he would go with a mature decorating style for his egg, and label it "booger." Classy babe! :-)

We had so much fun with you guys, 
Syd and Whit!
Thanks for visiting us on Easter weekend!  

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