Sisters' visit, part II.

We decided to take advantage of my sisters being here,
and recruit them to babysit Bost
so we could go see Hunger Games.
So we all ate some yummy nutella crepes, 
and then Jord and I went to an afternoon movie.
I love dates with that guy!

Hunger Games was reeaalllyy good.
I would recommend it!
We have both read the books, 
and we were really impressed by the movie!

We loved our date, 
and Bost loved his babysitters!

That night, we decided to spice things up 
and head to Idaho Falls to shop.
It is quite the hopping place!
(Compared to Rexburg)
It was so fun having some girl time shopping with my sisters!
Luckily, Jord and Bost were good sports too. :-)

When we were all shopped-out,
we hit up Chick-fil-A for dinner.
(Is anyone else obsessed with their special sauce??)

Then we headed home to gear up for Easter
the next morning.
More Easter pictures are coming soon!
(In the meantime, enjoy the nasty, no-make-up, morning breath 
picture on the bottom left. Yikes!)

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  1. Psssh! If only we all looked as good as you with no makeup on ;)