Boise, part I

After we got back from Jackson Hole, 
we decided to head on over to Boise for a bit. 
It was a spur the moment decision, 
and it was so much fun!

Remember the movie that we made about it?  

It was such a random place to road trip to, 
but hey, isn't that what makes life exciting? :-)
We had a blast.

We were worried, though,
when we pulled up to a motel that was, well,
 less than 5 stars.
(Or 4... or 3... or 2...haha!)
It was a bit sketchy to say the least.
But it ended up having a great breakfast, 
and even better guests.
We definitely came out of that stay with some great stories!

In fact, go ahead and read about on of our 
adventures at the lovely Rodeway right here.

When we got to Boise, 
we did a little shopping,
and then headed to the park for lunch.
There were wild geese to feed, 
and so we-being a tiny bit unprepared-
started to feed the birds some of Boston's 'nana puffs.

Luckily for us, 
some nice people came over and gave us 
some stale subway loafs to feed the birds with.
Bost liked it at first, but then the birds got 
a little tooooo close, 
and he was done.  
Good thing he had daddy there to protect him!  :-)

(Are you sick of my Daddy Diaries links yet?  Hope not... cause my husband is pretty hilarious!) 

We also headed over to the Boise, ID, temple.  
It was kind of in a weird location,
(as in right on the freeway)
 and it was under construction, 
but it was pretty nonetheless!   
Its always fun to visit the temples in different 
cities, states, or countries. 
The church is true!

More pictures of our Boise trip coming soon! :-)

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