Boise, part II

One thing that Jordan reeaaally wanted to do in Boise
was go "visit" the smurf turf at the Broncos Stadium.

And by visit,
he meant hop the fence,
sneak onto the field,
and snap a couple pictures 
of his rebellious act.
Apparently the smurf turf is famous in the sports world...
so it was kind of a big deal to Jord to actually 
get to STAND on the field of blue.
 (Oh my little football lover.)

So now, without further ado,
I give you the photos of the smurf turf.

After visiting the Broncos Stadium,
we went to the old Boise train depot.
It was actually really cool!
It overlooked all of Boise, 
and had some really cool history attached to it.
Then we went downtown to see the sights,
and saw the Capital building too.
Pretty shnazzy!

The best part of the day?
Boston's nakie time,
of course!!
He loves being wild and free.
Cute little stinker!

We also had fun
splashing around at the pool!
Boston loves swimming SO much.
I think he would live in the tub if we let him.
(You think I am kidding!!)

I would say our Boise trip was a success.
We made lots of fun memories,
and we can't wait to see 
where the next road trip takes us.  :-)

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  1. You could always road trip to Cedar Hills!