Dear Bost: The Big Move

Dear Bost,

We're moving this fall to another country.  I'm bummed that you won't remember any of it, but we're going to live in Belgium for four months.  I somehow duped a bunch of guys working at an NGO for Human Rights over there to hire me.  The most ironic thing is that they hired me on to do a lot of writing.  Obviously, they haven't seen this blog.

I'll no longer be able to write words like 'booger' or 'poopies' and no longer rant and rave about Clubhouse Disney and its effects on society-- at least while writing for them.  So we'll make sure to take lots of pictures of you in front the Eiffel Tower and other cool sites, and I'll make sure to write about the culture and the experiences.  I hear they have great chocolate, waffles, fries, and beer.  I'll make sure to tell you about all of it, especially the beer.

This is such a blessing for us.  Just like you are.


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