Happy Birthday Kels

Every year when Valentine's Day and Kels's b-day roll around, I usually hide behind a cheesy poem, where silliness covers up my awkward attempts at being sentimental.

This year will be no different.

Kels, here's to you and all you do
like change most of Bost's diapers
and for that time you didn't laugh
when I couldn't change the windshield wipers

You feed me food that makes me fat
then compliment my bod to boot
You've even gotten to the point
                                         where you don't freak out when I toot leave my socks on the floor

You gave up your trip to London
Why? I'll never know
So I tried to make it up to you
By moving to Idaho

Thank you for your patience with me
Cuz sometimes I'm not so civil
Like that day the snow plow man boxed us in
And I got ticked and chucked the shovel 

Thank you for staying with Bost
While I pretend to be a nine-to-fiver
And contrary to what you always say
I've been told I'm a decent driver
When the baby powder's settled
and all the dishes have been done
Don't even try to fight me on it
Cuz Kelsey I'm the lucky one

1 comment:

  1. THIS IS SO FREAKIN' CUTE I'M PROBABLY GOING TO DIE! And it's undeniably hilarious, too. Jordan, don't feel so bad about hurling the shovel. My husband got so mad one time that he literally beat the shovel to death on our driveway. It was in itty bitty pieces when he was through {it was a dumb shovel, so I think he was putting it out of its misery and letting off some steam while he was at it}. So I think you're doin' good if all you did was throw it! :)