Get that corn outta my face!

Hey guys.
Remember Nacho Libre,
and how it is hilarious?
Well it is!
 We gave Bost a corn cob to chew on the other night,
and all I could think of was 
"Get that corn outta my face!"
If you need a reminder of how funny that line really is,
click here.
(Lets be honest. Jack Black can make anything pretty hilarious!)

Bost didn't want the corn "outta his face," though.
The kid loved it!
He gnawed on the cob for a solid 30 minutes,
which was a Christmas miracle for us.
Usually the very second Jord and I sit down for dinner,
he can sense it-
and screams until we pick him up.
But not with the corn cob.
We could actually eat our dinner and converse like adults, and it was great!
Jord said, "We should give him a cob every night."

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