Pooh Bear bum.

Okay, before you go any further,
you have to please promise to not think
that I am a bad mom from this post.

Poor little Boston go stuck trying to 
crawl under the coffee table the other day.
And even though he had a sad face for a second,
his little diapey bum sticking out was so cute! 
I just couldn't resist grabbing my camera
to remember this hilarious moment.

I kept thinking how much he reminded me
of Winnie the Pooh when he gets stuck in the hole.
Both are cute and chubby,
and both had their little Pooh Bear bums sticking out. 
Definite twinners.

See the resemblance?

Don't worry.
Right after I took these pictures, 
I rescued my poor baby from that mean coffee table. 
I sure love that little Pooh Bear bum.

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  1. HAHA! This is awesome! I would totally do the same thing, so if you're a bad mom, I'm a bad one, too :)