Summer park days.

I love the summertime. 
Love love looooooooove it.
I love being outside,
going on walks, 
being WARM,
and playing on the grass with Bost.
It's definitely my favorite season by far.

This park day was Boston's first time playing 
on the playground by himself
(well, kind of, I was like a foot away at all times)
and he loved it!
He looked so big playing by himself-
I started having one of those
"holy-cow-holy-cow-I-almost-have-a-one-year-old" moments.
(They may or may not be happening quite frequently these days.)

I love summertime.
Its especially great to not have an 8 month pregnant belly
 right now like I did last year at this time.
I would much rather have this sweet little boy to play with instead.

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