A visit to the Macs!

When we went down to Utah for our five year reunion,
we got to spend some fun time with the Mac family!
We love those guys,
and we don't get to see them that often.
It was so great to spend time with them!

We were there over Father's Day weekend,
so it was perfect to spend the day with an awesome father-in-law,
and be with Jord's family on his first Father's Day, too!

From top left: Gpa Mac and Bost, Aunt Talyn, Colt the puppy, and Jord with his Father's Day spoils.

As I mentioned before
we tried out a new yummy burger place in American Fork called Culvers.
I loved the food- but then again- I think I love all cheesy, greasy, burger joints.
Seriously, though.
Is there anything better??
Boston loved the food too, but the pickles, 
not so much. 
(Go watch the video I linked above if you haven't already...its classic!)

The Mac family is very sports-loving.
(and that may be an understatement)
It was a bit of a shock to my system when we got married
going from a mostly-girl family,
to a mostly-boy family.
These guys know everything about every sport- its seriously impressive!
Jord's brothers try to help me out in the sports department sometimes.
This is usually how our conversations go:

one of Jord's brothers: Ok Kelsey, who is Lebron James?
me: uh, black?
brother: what about Kevin Durrant?
me: um, basketball?
brother: good job, you're getting it!

Haha. But seriously.
So we followed their fun sports traditions,
played a round of wiffle ball, and had a blast!

See if you can spot Jord in mid-jump in the bottom right pic. Pretty sweet photography skills, no?

Mac fam, we loved spending time with you guys.
Boston is lucky (and very spoiled) boy to have relatives like you guys!
Can't wait to see you again soon!

Boston would not stop looking at Gpa Mac. How cute is that??

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