London: London Bridge & last bits!

Our second day in London started sunny and bright, and it was beautiful!
We started out by heading to see the Tower of London and the Tower Bridge, 
and wow, they were stunning.
I couldn't take enough pictures!

You can see the Tower of London to the left of us, and the bridge on the right!

We got a glimpse of where the entrance to the traitor's gate used to be beneath the Tower of London.
It was the water entrance for the prisoners of the Tower of London in the olden days.
Pretty nuts!

I am so in love with this man!
I am so lucky.

This kid and his cheeser face...
he does it every time!!

After we saw the bridge, we made our way down the side of the river on "The Queen's Walk."
We strolled along and took in the sights
while we ate the most delicious bagels I have ever tasted.
(Now I really want another one! Blast you, pregnant cravings.)

We saw Shakespeare's Globe Theatre,
which was pretty cool to see in person!
Shout out to my brother Tanner who is an amazing actor...
we thought of you when we were there!!

After the Globe we went into a giant modern art museum called Tate Modern.
The art was, well, modern,
(therefore pretty strange....like we saw a painting with two dead birds speared to it...what the?)
but the space was perfect to let Boston run around in.
He was loving it!

Next up, we walked across the Millennium Bridge.
If you are Harry Potter fans like we are, you will recognize this bridge
as the one that gets destroyed by the Death Eaters in the sixth movie.
Maybe we are just HP nerds, 
but we thought it was pretty cool!

When we walked across the bridge, we could hear lots of people
around us talking about Harry Potter.
Looks like we aren't the only HP nerds after all!
(Plus we were in England...the birthplace of Harry...what do you expect??)

I snagged some yummy candy-roasted peanuts from a guy selling them on the street.

We walked across the bridge and straight up to St. Paul's Cathedral.
It was such a cool sight--
it stuck out of the modern buildings around it and was so majestic looking.
Here is the view from the front...

...and from the back.
Isn't it incredible?

I was just a tiny bit obsessed with the red double-decker buses all around the city.
They are used as a main source of public transportation, 
so we got to ride on them pretty frequently.
I loved it!

Okay, story time.
After our morning of sight-seeing, 
we headed back to Trafalgar Square to find some lunch.
We were trying to decide where to eat, when suddenly a group of screaming girls 
raced past us with their cameras and phones out.
So of course, being the mature 23 year old woman that I am,
I abandoned our quest for food, ignored my screaming child,
 and took off after them with the camera!

As I shoved my way into the crowd,
 I realized they were all taking pictures of a young guy...and I had no clue who he was.
I started taking pictures anyway, and I turned to the lady next to me and said,
"Um, who is this kid?"
I thought she was going to die laughing.
She turned to the girl next to her and said (in her cute British accent),
"This lady doesn't even know who he is!"

It turns out it was Frankie Cocozza from Britain's X-Factor,
who just realeased a new album.
(and got kicked off the show for his meth usage...nice.)

Needless to say,
we were bummed that it wasn't someone from One Direction.
But hey, at least I got a picture.
And it was a good story, right?

We saw A LOT in London, but the one thing we didn't get to do was see a show.
Lets be honest, a Broadway show with a one year old....
that just isn't pleasant for anyone involved!
Oh well!
I was dying as we passed billboards for all of the shows though.
The next time we are in London, we are hitting up at least three!!


Our last stop in London was, of course, 
Platform 9 3/4!
We wouldn't be true Harry fans if we didn't seek that out!

We had SUCH an amazing time in London.
I can't wait to go back someday! 
The sights, the food, the accents, I was completely in Heaven.

After London, we hopped on...you guessed it...
yet another train!
(We are getting pretty good at train-riding these days.)
Stay tuned to see where our travels took us next!


    girl, you called one of the greatest men don weasley. that is unacceptable. and probably you don't even know what felix felicis is or who fenir greyback is.
    also do you know who peeves is?
    and have you read the books?

    mostly i'm just degrading you because i am jealous that i have never been to platform 9 3/4. someday. someday my letter will come.

  2. ps. the picture of the three of you towards the top is so cute. like it needs to be framed in your house.
    also. you are so cute and trendy always. such a cute mom slash wife slash sister slash human.

  3. Everytime I read your blog I get so jealous. England looks amazing. I agree with Sydney, you are so cute and stylish.