He likes sports and he doesn't care who knows it.

(5 brownie points for you if you know the song reference of this title!)
Once upon a time, I found out my first child was going to be a boy.
And for the next few months, Jord and I had conversations that went something like this...

Jord: I'm so excited to play basketball with him, and coach his little league games, 
and watch football with him! 
Me: Okay honey, but what if he doesn't like that stuff?
Jord: Um, what?
Me: You know, like what if he wants to be a ballerina or something instead? Then what 
are you going to do?
Jord: Uh, I guess I will support and love him anyways...but I'm pretty sure
he's going to like to play ball.

**Cut to the present time**

Well, Jord was right.
To put it lightly, the kid is OBSESSED with sports.
Here are some examples for you.

#1. He will come up to me, hand me the remote, and say "Ba-ball?"
around 35 times a day...which translates to 
"Hey mom, turn on some basketball on TV for me, would you?"
Also, he has to have the remote in his hands when he watches a game.
Yep, it's pretty bad.

 #2. As soon as we enter the church building on Sundays, he immediately runs to the gym
and yells "Ba-BALLLL!!" at the top of his lungs.
You can imagine how awkward this can get if we happen to be 
sitting in the overflow section... trying to be reverent... in the 'ba-ball' court.
Not going to happen.

You get the idea of his level of obsession.
So we thought it would be fun if we took him to a basketball game that Jordan's dad 
was reffing while we were in Utah county.
Oh man, he LOVED it!
He was standing on the sidelines, yelling his guts out at the players
like he was their coach or something. It was hilarious!!

I mean, look at the intensity on that face. He kills me!

He loved going out on the court at halftime and playing basketball with daddy.

He looooves Grandma Mac and Aunt Talyn!
He is one spoiled little man.

Thanks Grandpa Mac, for letting us come to your game!
You made Boston's whole week. :-)
...but seriously.

We caught some of Boston's "coaching" action on camera.
I was dying!

Moral of the story...
Bost, we would have loved you and supported you 
if you had chosen to be a ballerina, a figure skater, or a pro-knitter.
But now that we know...without a doubt...what you really love, 
your daddy is pretty stinking excited to have a little sports buddy!

As for me?
I'm beginning to feel out numbered already...
and baby boy number two hasn't even got here yet!
I guess I might just have to resort to dressing Boston up like a girl
when daddy isn't looking.
(you think I am kidding!)


  1. Oh my gosh! I love this! and that video... He is the cutest coach ever!

  2. Thus is so cute! I seriously bust up laughing when I scrolled down to the picture of him intensely yelling something out to the court! That is so fun. I loved it during the summer when Luke would ask to go outside and play catch with Tyler. I think it is very gratifying to a guy for his son to want to be like him.

  3. yaaaay i'm so glad your posts are back, i was missing them!

  4. I think I almost peed my pants. This was a HILARIOUS post! I love his little 'finger point of shame' to the players. Definitely a coach in the making! I'm still laughing about it! :)