Playing catch up...

Guess what? I have some bits of good news.
1-We got our computer fixed,
2-I uploaded a zillion new photos, 
3-It is going to reach 30 degrees this week in Rexburg!!

Hopefully all of these things mean that I will be blogging more frequently now!
Okay, so the last one didn't really have to do with blogging, 
but hey, it's a step to warmerish weather...
and that is definitely cause for celebration!

Since I have a lot of catching up to do, my pictures will kind of be all over the place.
Hopefully you won't mind too much! 
Let's start when we first got back from Belgium, shall we?
We spent a couple of weeks in Utah county with Jord's family, and we had a blast!

Here are some quick recaps:

Jord and Bost jammed on the piano...

and we took several "cheeser face" fail pictures.

I met up for dinner with a bunch of high school friends, and we had a blast!
It is so fun to see where everyone is at and see what we are all up to.
(Dear Jord Bready...sorry we missed you for the group photo!)

Chels, Hannah, Kaylee, Jacquel, Shay, and me! (Don't mind my 20 wk pregnant belly)

We ate plenty of JCW's icecream...
and it was so worth it.

(Photo bombed by Talyn!)

We went to some fun family dinners, 
and Bost got waaaaay too much attention. :-)
Here he is with my Great Grandma and Grandpa Bellows.
He is their first great-great grandchild! 

We met up with my old BYU roomie, Ashley, and let our boys play!
Boston and Matix had a lot of fun hanging out together. 
Look how stinking cute they are!

Matix with an I-pod, and Bost with an I-pad. They were loving the technology!

We hit up the new Traverse Mountain Outlets, and loved shopping around.
We found the cuuuuuutest coat for Boston at Gymboree...
which I'm sure you will see a thousand times in pictures to come. :-)

We had a fro-yo night with some friends, and had a blast chatting!
We didn't love the selection of the ice cream flavors though...
Maple-bacon-donut?? Really??

Han and Brenden

Chels and Jason

Don't mind Bost mid-bite. Haha!

My very favorite part of being in Utah county was our date night in Salt Lake!
The McMurtreys were super sweet and watched Boston over night for us, 
and we got to have a mini-getaway at the Anniversary Inn.
It was a blast!
Our room's theme was "The Sultan's Palace," so it was pretty fancy.
We were loving the free desserts and breakfast. Yum!

And of course, the boys spent plenty of time playing X-box together. 
Boston definitely thought he was a big kid and tried to join their games.
He was loving it!

And I wonder where Bost gets his cheeser face from...

Lastly, I love me some Boston kisses. 
Have I mentioned that?

After a fun two weeks in Utah county, we headed down to
 St. George, 
then Arizona, 
and then Mexico!
More pictures, coming soon!

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