St. George and Arizona!

After we spent some time in Utah county, we headed down to warmer weather!
We spent a few days with my fam in St. George before we set off 
for Mexico for Christmas.

Boston loved all of the attention he got. 
I think he went through a little bit of a withdrawal process when we finally 
got back to Rexburg with just the three of us... he was probably like
"Uh, isn't someone supposed to be entertaining me at all times?"
But he got over it. :-)

He found my brother Tanner's drum set...
and he was OBSESSED.
He was seriously rocking out! This kid seriously loves music of any kind.

I love this action shot. What a little ham!

Bost spent plenty of time chasing Bo Bo around...
 grabbing his ears...
shoving random objects in his mouth...
and throwing balls at him...
but luckily Bo was a good sport, and they became good buddies.
(At least Bo didn't run away or anything...so that's good. haha)

On our way to Mexico, we stopped in Mesa and hung out with family for a bit. 
We absolutely LOVE the Beardalls, and we never get to see them, 
so it was such a blast to spend time with them!
They have four little boys, and Boston was 
seriously in HEAVEN.
He chased them around and tried to act like a big kid, 
and they were so cute to play with him.
He loved it!

The girls. :-)

No matter where we are, my sister Syd has a talent for falling asleep on the floor.
She can sleep anywhere...through anything.
I'm not kidding people--
she has a gift!

My other siblings are pretty special too.

But I guess I really have nooooo room to talk...

Did I really just put those awful pictures up for the world to see?
Oh well.
Hey, at least we have fun, right?
That's all that really counts. :-)

While we were in Arizona, 
this stud muffin turned the big 2-4!
 We had a lame mini-party for him, and he was such a good sport!
I sure love this guy.

Don't mind our "We have been traveling constantly for the last four months so we are exhausted" faces.

We had a blast in St. George and Mesa. 
Next stop:
Puerto Penasco, Mexico!

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