My little helper.

Boston is in a phase where he absolutely LOVES having tasks to do.
He loves to "help" me sweep the floor, wash the table/ walls/ stuffed animals with baby wipes,
stack the Tupperware containers, etc. etc. etc.
He wants to be busy at all times!

He has recently figured out that he can help get me a tissue when I need one...
which seems to be a lot.
(Does anyone else have a constant runny nose when pregnant? So weird!)

Last night I said "Bost, can you get mommy a tissue please?"
and he got all excited, yelled "sisshue!" and ran full speed to the bathroom.
Jord reminded him to just get a small one, 
and he ran out with this bad boy:

We were dying!!
At least he is obedient?? 

Then we thought we would test him to make sure it wasn't just a funny fluke,
 so Jord said,"Okay, now get mommy a big one!"
Lo and behold, 
he came prancing out a couple of minutes later...
with the toilet paper still connected to the roll... like this:

A big one it was.

Also, are you loving the mis-matched blue/ red/ white/ forest green outfit?
Laundry day is awesome.

I seriously get a kick out of this kid. 
He cracks me up,
and he is such a good little helper!

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  1. I am dying!!! I still can't believe he is big enough to understand words haha I still picture him little baby boy- but maybe not so little. Love it.