Weekend visits with family!

We always love when our families are able to come up for a couple of days to visit.
We are going to miss them when we head to Lexington in the fall!!

A few weekends ago, my fam braved the cold, 
and came up from St. George to spend the weekend with us. 
We had a ton of fun with them!

We went out to eat a lot...

...And we went to the arcade so Bost could practice his shooting skills.
That kid never gets tired of basketball!!

"Whachoo lookin at, Mom?"

Boston loved hanging out with Grandma, Grandpa, and Aunt Syd!
Even though he looks a little shifty-eyed in this picture, 
I promise he had a blast! :-)

I love my dad in the background. His face cracks me up!

Then last weekend, we had a lot of fun with the Mac fam!
Here he is with Uncle Trey and Aunt Taly.
Don't let his face fool you...
I told him to smile, and that's what I got! 
Crazy monkey.

I sure love this little goof ball.

Here is a four generation shot with 
Jord's dad, Grandpa McMurtrey, Jord, and Bost.

I decided to jump in a shot with Jord's grandparents...
I'm not sure that was a good idea.
Can you say BELLY??

Jord's parents were so sweet and brought Boston an awesome
basketball Easter basket.
So naturally, the child decided to put it on his head and shoot hoops.
It was hilarious!!
That child kills me.

"Ok Mom, I want this thing off now!"

What a crazy little boy we have. 
He keeps us entertained...that's for sure! 

Before the Mac family had to head back home, 
we hit up the bowling alley for some more fun.
Boston was loving it--
colorful balls everywhere, loud music, 
what more could a guy want?

Family photo: fail.

That's a little better...
minus the squinty-eyed Boston.
Oh well!

Boston had a blast helping daddy bowl.
He is getting so big...it is crazy!!

I love these two boys.
(Soon to be THREE boys...whaaaa?)

Thanks for coming to visit, Gillman fam and McMurtrey fam!
We always love seeing you guys.
Can't wait to see you again soon!!


  1. Dude. You can't even tell you're pregnant in the first couple of photos! And even when you CAN tell, you're absolutely adorable! P.S. I can't wait until Bost becomes a famous basketball player and I can tell everyone I knew him when he wore a basketball Easter basket on his head. :)

  2. Three boys soon! Holy smokes lady. You'll need some girl time to keep you sane :)