34 weeks!

Well, here's my 34 week baby belly in all its glory.
I am feeling more and more whale-like every day!
 I am also getting more and more excited to meet our new little guy as time goes by.
I can't believe he will be here so soon!!

 (Preferably after graduation. Baby, are you hearing this?? 
Stay in there for a tad bit longer, please!)

Boston is getting good at pointing to the baby in my tummy.
The problem is, now he thinks everyone has a baby in their tummies too...
ya, that can get a little awkward with strangers.
(Uh...sorry sir, he doesn't think you are fat... he just thinks you have a baby in your belly...)

Here he is giving the baby a kiss, 
but he had an important business call at the moment...
so he couldn't put down the phone.
What a busy little business man. 

In other news, all I want to eat these days is Costa Vida/ Cafe Rio.
It's sooooo good...and bad all in the same moment.
The sweet pork just calls my name!!

We knew my addiction was getting bad
when we pulled into the parking lot tonight and Boston yelled "Num-nums!"
I have a problem.
Boston is a huge fan of "daddy's juice,"
that he always gets there, aka Powerade.

Aren't those chubby wrists the cutest??
Maybe I'm biased, but I kind of love them.
I can't wait for this little man to meet his little brother...
and he is coming soon!!


  1. Kelsey you are looking so cute and non whale like. Pretty sure you will never look like a whale with any of your pregnancies. Super cute shirt too.

  2. This is adorable!! I love, love, love the picture with the "important business call". So precious! You look AMAZING!

  3. i just love your sweet little blog! You and your family are so cute! :)

    i can't wait for this little one to arrive and stalk all your photos ;)