The waiting game.

Sooooo, I am 39 weeks pregnant. 
I am HUGE!!!!
There is a lot of baby in my belly...and I am ready for him to be OUT!
I am so anxious to meet our new little man.
I can't wait!!

But on the other hand, 
I am sad for my little Boston boy.
He has NO idea what is coming...
that he's going to have to share the spotlight with a little screaming bundle of baby.
I'm trying to spend as much time as possible with him right now
so that he knows I love love love him.
We have been reading, singing, drawing, and play-doughing like there is no tomorrow.
I just love him.
He is still my little baby...
but I know when this new baby comes, Bost will seem ginormous! 
 Am I really going to have TWO children??
It is just crazy to me.

Sooooo, does anyone have tips on inducing labor naturally?
I am all ears.
No really, I will try anything!
 Send any suggestions my way and I will give them a whirl.
Thanks in advance!!


  1. There is a girl in my ward that induced labor a week early with doTERRA oils.

  2. I have no induced labor ideas, because my babies always came after due date. Hope that you have him soon. One idea I have though that my mom did when Jex was born, was she bought a gift for Dykell that she said was from baby Jex, so that way she got a gift too, since people brought gift/outfits for Jex. Just an idea. Can't wait to see picture of the new arrival I reaaaally wish I was in your shoes right now, only half way there for me. :)

  3. Ok so this may be too much info and if so I'm sorry, but you said anything!! :) My birthing teacher told us, "hugs before drugs." Basically meaning ( a way to put this nicely/appropriately...) get the baby out the same way he got in there :)